12. April 2023

AI links, human notes #1

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I love online research. Since I started my degree on Artificial Intelligence a lot of it is AI related, so let’s blog about it 🙂


  • What if AI would break free and try to destroy humanity? Nah, not gonna happen. Instead, human jokers on the internet will build an AI exclusively dedicated to our destruction.
  • The latest trend in all things LLM? Connect multiple AI agents to make them more autonomous.
  • This article discusses how transformers seem to help with understanding places and resemble structures we know from our brains.
  • GPT is revolutionizing our world and it is changing jobs already. This post on reddit is from a 3D artist describing how it dramatically shifted how he works.
  • A lot of people debate these days if large language model truly understand language. This paper summarizes arguments for and against this idea and relates the debate to the broader sciences of intelligence.
  • Looking for a primer on so-called „prompt engineering“? This medium piece got you covered.
  • Oh, you want a library of prompts without reading through the explanations first? Well, head over to https://prompts.chat/ and knock yourself out…
  • People tell you’re silly if you think chatGPT could indeed take over the world? What if I told you that OpenAI checked themselves just to be sure?
  • Tom Scheinfeldt is a researcher thinking and writing about the impact of LLMs on universities. In March he gave a keynote to the Dartmouth Colleague Teaching with Primary Sources Symposium (yes, that’s a mouth full). In it he outlines 8 things he believes universities need to change now that generative AI is here.


  • This lecture is well worth watching if you wonder how intelligent chatGPT really is… Sebastian Bubek from Microsoft Research explains why we may be onto something.
  • Max Tegmark is a hugely influential voice in AI research. 5 years ago he wrote a book describing the future of humanity and AI. This lecture and this talk at Google give you a teaser about his thinking and I definitely recommend to buy the book right after watching… The second video has some overlap but it is interesting for the Q&A alone.
  • 2 years ago Boston Dynamics released this video to demonstrate how far they have gotten in controlling their robot movements. It is fun because they’re dancing and would be uncanny if they’d do different things.
  • Did you know that DeepMind created a documentary about AlphaGo? Me neither.
  • Sam Altman is CEO of OpenAI and in this 2:23 podcast he talks about the future of AI
  • The Future of Life Institute urges us to think about AI safety now. This fictious video shows a scary vision for autonomous weaponized drones but what is really haunting is this panel discussion with experts on the field which tells us that some of this is already reality.
  • Kevin Kelly gave several TED talks on the future of technology. This one explains how AI will bring on a second industrial revolution and it is 13 minutes well spent.

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