6. Dezember 2022

A love story

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Eben spielte ich eine halbe Stunde mit diversen AI Tools, unter anderem ChatGPT. Hier das Ergebnis. Ich finde es so fantastisch, ich will heute hier eigentlich gar nicht mehr dazu schreiben und lass es euch stattdessen einfach nur hier…

> write a tragic play in which a raindrop falls in love with a flame


Scene 1: A stormy night. Lightning illuminates the sky, revealing a raindrop, RAINDROP, falling from the clouds.

(to the audience)
I am just a simple raindrop,
Falling through the sky,
With nothing but the wind to guide me
As I journey through the night.

But as I fall, I see something,
A glimmer in the dark.
A flame, burning brightly,
And my heart begins to spark.

Scene 2: A candlelit room. A FLAME dances atop a candle.

(to the audience)
I am just a simple flame,
Burning bright and strong,
Dancing to the rhythm
Of the air that moves along.

But then I see a raindrop,
Falling from the sky.
And as our eyes meet,
I feel my heart take flight.


Scene 1: The candlelit room. RAINDROP and FLAME are gazing at each other.

(to FLAME)
Oh, flame, how I long to be near you.
To feel your warmth and light,
To dance with you in the darkness,
And chase away the night.

Oh, raindrop, how I yearn for you.
To be cooled by your touch,
To join with you in harmony,
And become one, not two.

But alas, we are so different,
Our paths cannot cross.
For I am fire, and you are water,
And together, we will be lost.

Scene 2: The stormy night. RAINDROP and FLAME are separated by a chasm.

(to FLAME)
But still, I cannot help but love you,
For you are my heart’s desire.
And though we cannot be together,
I will never lose that fire.

And though I know our love is doomed,
I cannot help but feel the same.
For you have sparked a flame within me,
And I will never be the same.


Scene 1: The candlelit room. FLAME is alone, burning brightly.

(to the audience)
My love is gone, but still I burn,
A solitary light.
For though I cannot have my raindrop,
I will never lose my sight.

But then, a gust of wind blows out the candle,
And I am left in darkness.
My love may be lost, but so is my life,
And together, we will be no more.

(FLAME extinguishes)

Scene 2: The stormy night. RAINDROP falls to the ground and evaporates.

(to the audience)
My flame is gone, and so am I,
No longer a raindrop in the sky.
But in my final moments, I am at peace,
For I know that our love will never cease.

(RAINDROP evaporates)

The End.

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