3. August 2023

AI links, human notes #3

Lesedauer 2 Minuten

My bookmark list keeps growing. For this blog series, I spare you the tech books and tutorial videos I’m spending most of my time with and focusing on the broader picture. Let me know in the comments (or by answering this post on the fediverse) how you like my selection.


Podcast & Videos:

  • Maybe the most inspiring use of AI I have heard so far: The Earth Species Project is a non-profit dedicated to using AI to decode non-human communication. Yes, that means using AI to talk with animals. Here’s a podcast explaining more.
  • Writers are worried about the use of AI as well, specifically, the fact that their texts are being used to train AIs. The podcast „The Daily“ has more context.
  • I don’t like the hyperbole of calling this video podcast an emergency episode. However, this conversation with Mo Gawdat about the direction AI is taking is still interesting and thought-provoking.
  • Yuval Harari is probably one of the smartest thinkers we have and gave a keynote lecture called „AI and the future of humanity“ that is well worth your time.

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